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Aug 3, 2016

Crazy/weird Pokemon Go stories told by two people who don't know much about the game, a few rounds of Would You Rather, and podcast news.

Cover Art: Benevolent Designs

May 17, 2016

Libraries, weasels, algebra while tan, pizza boxes, Klingon, and drunk driving. Just the usual things any married couple discusses. 

Also, an interview with Cassie Fox, Memphis-based writer and photographer.


Apr 29, 2016

Today on Unblocked, we make an announcement for our new true crime podcast. Then we discuss petty crimes involving books, soup, soda, and meth. Because meth.

We close out this episode with the promo for our true crime podcast, called Crimelines, which will involve not petty crimes. We drop a clue at the end about the topic of our first episode, going live on May 13.

Crimelines music by 

Remixed by Charlie

Apr 21, 2016

In this episode, we talk about the Easter Uprising, the history of Irish dance, experience a feis firsthand, and interview an Irish dance studio owner and certified teacher. We wrap it all up with podcast news.

Special thanks to Joseph Manning of the O'Riada Manning Academy of Irish Dance. 

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Apr 14, 2016

After a brief podcasting break, Lars and Charlie explain their absence and share some news and commentary on very little sleep. 

We discuss bathroom bills, boat naming, missing person/true crime cases, Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday, the young reporter at Orange Street News, and news from Serial and the podcasting world. 

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Mar 22, 2016

Charlie and Lars dust off the microphone for another episode of the news(ish).

They discuss the hypocrisy of the Supreme Court drama, a truly baffling parking ticket case, the true crime story with a legal update in regards to Jaycee Dugard, a really bad license plate forgery, the work of international researchers on the rotovirus vaccine in developing countries, and a warm-hearted birthday party invitation.

Bonus: Charlie says efficacy about 100 times, Lars can't keep it together, and we won't be doing any more stories about poop.

Mar 12, 2016

Charlie chats with advocates from the LGBT community, La Leche League, and Canada's The Working Mind mental health program. And she makes a lame Serial joke.

Thanks to Debi, Bibi, Audrey, and Alicia. Chase and Tracy, too. 

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Mar 6, 2016

Charlie and Lars discuss the Cheryl Tiegs/Ashley Graham controversy, steamboats, a police officer suing for emotional distress, kevlar vests for K-9 units, and inappropriate deadly weapons. 

Bonus feature: East coast Charlie helps Midwestern Lars learn to say Norfolk. 

Feb 26, 2016

Charlie interviews author George Willson, who attended high school with Lars. And that led to some questions that have never been raised in their 17 year marriage.

Also, Charlie gives some much delayed shout outs to Trans-Parenting Podcast and The History Dweebs podcast, both of whom have been exceptionally supportive.

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Learn more about George's The Fempiror Chronicles

Feb 22, 2016

In the mid 1980s, Patty Prewitt was convicted for murdering her husband as he slept. She will be 86 before she is eligible for parole. These long sentences are often referred to as "the other death penalty" because the inmate will likely die behind bars.

In this true crime episode, Charlie is joined by Marla and Amber to explore the details of the case as well as the case for clemency for Patty Prewitt.


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Feb 7, 2016

In yet another riveting news(ish) episode, Charlie and Lars discuss Serial (again), LEGO's first minifigure with a disability, the Iowa Caucus, cheese thefts, a new planet you can only study from Hawaii, and the Danish concept of hygge. For someone with a Danish name, Lars is really bad at pronunciation. 

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Feb 2, 2016

Join Eli, a 6th grade student who job shadowed Unblocked for a day, as he interviews Charlie about being an independently produced, non-income earning, startup podcast.

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Jan 29, 2016

It's news! Ish!

Charlie and Lars discuss castaways, Alan Rickman, XFiles, Flint Water Crisis, zombie preparedness gone wrong, and season two of Serial. 

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Jan 15, 2016

Charlie is joined by two Girl Scouts who have been working on their Scribe badge. 

Jan 8, 2016

Charlie is joined by Amber and Marla for a discussion of the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer. We talk about the format of the documentary and our feelings on true crime as entertainment, as well as dive into the case and information that has come out after the documentary. 

It's highly recommended that you watch Making a Murderer first, but we did our best to make the information accessible to those who didn't watch it.

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Jan 6, 2016

Charlie visits two secular homeschooling groups based in Kansas City, MO, sitting in on classes and interviewing families who homeschool for non-religious reasons. 

This is the first of several planned On Location episodes of Unblocked. 

Special thanks to LEARN Home Education Network and the families of the Hands On Co-op.

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Oct 6, 2015

This episode is a quick introduction to the podcast and it's purpose.